Friday, May 5, 2017

Titanium gas stove BRS-3000T

I have given up my first gas stove since it's a bit too big.

Then I have bought a very small one with fire starter... It's very light, not very robust, but certainly good enough for many purpose. Don't expect it to take a big pot, however.

If I need to use a big pot, I will go for my white gas stove (白電油爐) which could also be used with gas.  Therefore, the smaller gas stove is reserved for trips with hiking.

For that purpose, I wanted something lighter, and maybe even more solid and stable.  So, titanium stove would fit the bill well.  Below you could see their weight, the original with a fire starter is already very small and light weight.  But then the titanium one is even smaller and a few times lighter!



The energy output is very respectable too, the ultimate portable gas stove.