Thursday, April 3, 2014

Zopo 958 maintenance

After eight month of very active usage, the on/off switch failed.

I should remind you all that even I've installed an app to turn off the screen without using the on/off switch, but still, the switch failed eventually.

I kept on using it a few days after the failure of the on/off switch, since I can always turn it on with the home key and I could turn the screen off by using that app.  However, one day when the battery drained, I couldn't switch it on again without pressing the on/off switch!  Of course, if I could keep charging it before the battery went flat, it's not a problem.  Anyway... I could no longer switch it on since then.

I've tried to use the backdoor like to press the volume down button and insert the USB charging cable, and yes, it could be turned on, but it only kicks me to the factory menu and so it was still no useable.

On the next working day, I took it to the local repair center.  The service is not bad, the queue is short, and it's rather close to MTR station.  Better than Samsung I would say.   They had sent my phone back to the factory for repairing and they asked me to expect two weeks.

In less than two weeks' time, I've received a call that my mobile is ready.  Good services I would say.

In order to avoid using the on/off switch, I will use the scheduled power on/off feature of the mobile.  In case the switch were dead again, it will turn itself on according to the schedule.