Thursday, April 3, 2014

Zopo 958 maintenance

After eight month of very active usage, the on/off switch failed.

I should remind you all that even I've installed an app to turn off the screen without using the on/off switch, but still, the switch failed eventually.

I kept on using it a few days after the failure of the on/off switch, since I can always turn it on with the home key and I could turn the screen off by using that app.  However, one day when the battery drained, I couldn't switch it on again without pressing the on/off switch!  Of course, if I could keep charging it before the battery went flat, it's not a problem.  Anyway... I could no longer switch it on since then.

I've tried to use the backdoor like to press the volume down button and insert the USB charging cable, and yes, it could be turned on, but it only kicks me to the factory menu and so it was still no useable.

On the next working day, I took it to the local repair center.  The service is not bad, the queue is short, and it's rather close to MTR station.  Better than Samsung I would say.   They had sent my phone back to the factory for repairing and they asked me to expect two weeks.

In less than two weeks' time, I've received a call that my mobile is ready.  Good services I would say.

In order to avoid using the on/off switch, I will use the scheduled power on/off feature of the mobile.  In case the switch were dead again, it will turn itself on according to the schedule.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The "Samsung T118" Tablet

It's being marketed in taobao or some other online shops, the price is exceptionally low for a tablet with its advertising specifications.  It's just too good to be true, and thus, it's not real indeed.

To highlight a few:

1. It's not really from Samsung

2. The LCD has low contrast which could be frustrating when compared with modern LCD.  The viewing angle could be rather limited.  The color depth and dynamic range is rather poor.

3. The CPU is not quad-core as advertised, it's dual core only.

4. The CPU is not as fast as advertised, good only for simple applications, could be a bit slow by modern standard.

Here is a snapshot of the benchmark result:

Having said that, it's a very good deal as long as you could live with the above.  The bottom line is, you got more than what you actually paid for.


On 淘寶, 電子產品, 順豐, 香港

On the contrary of what you can see from the Internet, the above combination is possible provided that the seller declares at the custom properly.  It just add complications which common vendors are not willing to spend the extra-effort.

即係話, 順豐可以發電子產品嚟香港, 只係個發件人要報關, 仲要去特定地點寄件

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Deactivated 18650 battery

One day I found that one of my 18650 failed.

I tried to use apply a 9V across to wake it up but failed, I tried to put it in charger but it shows full charge.

The last resort is to remove the protection PCB which is extremely easy like below:

And it works again afterward, and I'll buy a small mobile charger with protection circuit and place it inside to extend its life.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ukulele pattern for 3/4 songs

It's just embarrassing to let people know that I can only play 2/4 or 4/4 after playing it for so many months.  Today, I took the plunge to look around and invent a simple one, and then train myself up to do 3/4, finally, I did it so quickly.

To begin with, my self invented one is simplest and could be learned within 10 minutes.  I did it myself:

D DU DU    or


After a few minutes, you can do it like I did.

Searching around youtube, I found this manageable and nice:

4 (1,3)-2 (1,3)-2

Simple enough, I will try to train myself with that and hopefully got it done within a couple of days.

 Finally, I've modified it as follows, could be done within one hour:

(1,4)-2, (1,3)-2, (1,3)-2

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Universal mobile battery charger

This is an universal mobile battery charger from dealextreme.  It supports nearly all sorts of mobile battery given it's adjustable charging pin.  The charger is smart enough to detect the poles of the battery, and a small clip was used to fix the battery in place, so you can put battery of any size there virtually.

This charger is special that it also support charging of 18650 (or any other smaller Lithium ion battery).  A switch is available to select whether you're charging a mobile battery or a 18650.  There is also one more position to allow you to charge your mobile battery via the 18650 installed along side!  Therefore, this could be serving as a portable charger as well.

Given it's versatility, a USB charger port is also available on the side, to allow charging of any devices via USB port. 

Amplifier noise of Vox Mini 3

No noise when running on battery, but it's not the case when used with a transformer.

So the noise must be coming from the electrical source, therefore, a simple cable was made:

One end should be inserted between the guitar/ukulele while the other end should be placed on the ground, or better yet, step on it.

No more noise.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jesus and Jonah

I was reading in Greek for my quiet time.  At least it makes me slow down, and then I found a strong similarity in the plot of two stories:

1. a man goes onto the boat and then fall into sleep deeply
2. an unusual storm comes, so that even experienced in sailing was shocked
3. the man was waken up, and was blamed about his difference
4. the storm was claimed down, and people feared God afterward

Jesus and Jonah.

Is it allusion or typology?  Worth further studying...