Wednesday, April 12, 2017

One more Toaks Titanium frying pan

There is a discount on the frying pan, and so I buy one more to serve as a dish... one on top and one on the bottom.  Absolutely light weight.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Wood gas stove re-visited

I brought my wood gas stove for overnight camping this time.  Humidity was quite high for a few days, with light rain too.

Again, I picked short branches on the floor for burning, no large branch required.

I used this it boiling water.

I only bought a can of gas with only 10-20% content, and this is mainly for starting the fire quickly.  I also got a small fan to improve the combustion when smoked came out.

My pots were darken, but then the cleaning was easy.

I cooked potatoes, ox tail with curry... which need small fire for a long time, wood stove is perfect for that purpose, I don't even need to look at the fire!  Just add some wood after a couple of minutes or so.

Finally, when it was not in use, just leave hot ashes alone, I believe it could keep hot for over half an hour.  In case you wanted to restart the fire, just add some branches and turn on a small fan, the fire will go strong again in a few minutes.

I really love wood gas stove.  Great for solo camping, or a secondary stove for cooking something slow in the background, and when you're concentrating at cooking something else.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


淘寶睡袋都扺用, 當然要小心價錢特別便宜的...

上面四個都係淘寶買, 最便宜和最舒服的, 是上面那兩個... 它們都很暖, 很軟... 但問題是非常大!一個 60L 背包, 放兩個進去, 已經沒有空間了~ 左邊那個看起來小一點, 但其實只是因為那袋有壓縮功能...

下面兩個比較小, 先說右邊那個, 它的體積是有上面的一半, 但當然沒那麼暖和軟, 牌子是 Nature Hike (所謂 NH 世界第一, 呵呵), 標示溫度是 9 度, 極限是零度, 但我發覺 9 度應該是極限溫度, 而舒適溫度大約是 12-15 度左右... 它有壓縮袋, 相當方便... 香港一般冬天日子, 不是特別冷的時候都合用, 所以我最喜歡這個...

上右那個灰色的, 是翼馬牌羽絨睡袋, 充羽量不多, 但體積細少, 我試過在大東山上, 山上溫度只有 10-12 度, 在外加上外套蓋著, 也睡得頗舒適, 因此上山要輕便來說, 是非常好的選擇...

聽說黑冰最好, 但還沒有機會試... 家中睡袋太多, 還是不買了...

最後, 我試過兩個睡袋一起用 (下面那兩個), 感覺非常好, 應該可以應付香港所有天氣... 最上那兩個也可以, 甚至更舒適, 但還是太大了吧, 若不用帶自己的營, 是不錯的選擇...!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Wood gas stove 柴火爐

These stoves are getting cheaper, and other than burning wood, there is an optional alchohol stove at a cheap price, so why not?

This is the first time I tried.

To start the whole thing, simply collect some small branches on the floor.  Break them into short pieces, pack them and place them in the bottom.  Then, put some dried leaves on top... this kind of stove were burned from above.

It is easy to get it started, a small fan would help the job, otherwise, you got a lot of smoke at the beginning.  Once most of the smoke gone, it's ready for cooking.

As you could see, wood gas come out from the holes and they got burn very rigiously.  Fire like this will not make your pots too difficult to wash. However, wood stove would get them black anyway, just not as worse as simple wood burning.

When the flame went off, the branches would keep on burning slowly with a dim glow.  Thus, the stove would be very hot... I burned my finger slightly... so be warned.  I suggest to put a metal plate below the stove so that burned branched will not hurt the grass below.

Make sure the stove got cooled down before tearing them down for storage.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Installing a pickup for my 17" ukulele

Ukulele is so small than you could take it anywhere with you. With my 17" ukulele, this is even more true but then the voice is relatively low for this little guy, and a separate tuner will lower the portability, too. So, I want to install a pickup with built-in tuner. After some searching, this one seems to fit the bill nicely.

As you could see above, this tuner has a 1:1 paper template for you to ease the cutting process.  Anyway, let's start with the simplest step first.

Reduce the tension of the strings, and then take the saddle out.

Drill a hole to put the pickup under the saddle.  One should file down the saddle to compensate for the added thickness... I didn't do it at first, and we could always do that later if the string is too high.

Since I don't have the proper tool for cutting wood, I just used the same hand drill to drill some holes along the cutting line... and then use a simple cutter to cut carefully.

Not too bad?  Notice that we you decide where to put the pickup module, check the inside of the Ukulele to see if there's reinforcement structures inside.  Avoid them if possible.

Finally, drill where you should put the plug it, and this is relatively simple.  I used a thread to help me pull the socket out from inside.

Install the pickup panel, and this is the hardest part.

A complete success...

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

20170117 大圍至沙田一帶

笑咗... 三隻鷺, 一隻唔係鷺, 而係勞... 呵呵...

夜鷺 (Night Heron, pp. 38-39)... 原本佢瞓咗, 但可能我從得埋, 醒咗... 另一隻繼續瞓...

Great Egret (Great White Heron), 大白鷺 (pp. 40-41)....

棕背伯勞 Rufous-backed Shrike (pp. 194-195)

A short and relaxing trip... didn't take photograph for long and thus tired...

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Toaks Titanium pot and frying pan

I bought then due to a discount and also a hiking trip, they were very well made and light weight.

However, titanium stuff requires special attention when in use.  Since they're very thin and light weight, heat from the stove could be transferred extremely fast.

So example, when you wanted to dry the pan before adding oil, you need to act very quickly.  Otherwise, the pan will be over-heated.  Similar thing happens when you cook, you need some more oil than usual.  I was not warned before so this is the result:

Titanium when over heated, will form a thin layer of oxide.  Titanium oxide is colorless, but then the reflected ray together with the refracted and reflect ray will interfere to form a whole spectrum of color, this is like the color you will see on bubble membrane.  Titanium oxide is chemically stable, and does not affect the usage.  Another effect on over heating is that, the pan will be blended. 

To use it properly, you need a smaller flame,and you should move the pan around so as the heat is more evenly (and slowly).  This is not perfect, however.  Therefore, I believe that titanium cookware should be used only for harsh hiking trip.  If one wants to cook more different food, we better need another thicker (and heavier) pan.