Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Changing domestic helper

In Hong Kong, it's so common for a couple to go to work. Therefore, it's again popular to hire a domestic helper to take care of the kids, like cooking and bringing them to school and some other interest classes, etc.

After one or two contracts, we will usually need to change the domestic helper. It is because they will want to come back home to see their own family. And it's also nice in the sense that the reliance on the helper could be reduced a bit. You know, sometimes the kids would love the helper more than the parents since they just spent more time with each others!

Recently, after a lot of prayers, our handover process is smooth and nice. It's also partially due to the fact that I resigned from my job to help the transition. Originally, I anticipated that the kids would suffer most, but then I found that I also suffered. I mean when I went to supermarket, I don't know what I should buy, and which brands that we were using, etc.

Therefore, switching is still a good thing, for you have to reduce the reliance on a certain helper like what I have mentioned in the first place.

Monday, December 29, 2008

All in one printers

I've been using this kind of printers for more than six years, it's just convenient!

First of all, the output quality is good. If you buy photo-paper for it, it will really print photographic quality output! The only downside is the price of the ink and the paper, but it could be very convenient if you were asked for photographs at night for the homework of kids.

It features photocopying capability. You don't even have to turn on the computer to use this function. The output really likes photocopy in some cases. Of course, if your model is like mine which only has a roller type scanner, you could not easily make copy of thicker stuff.

Next is the fax function. Yes, it's not exactly high tech stuff, but it could be handy for some cases. Fax is still very popular!

Finally, the scanner function is not bad especially for converting your paper photographs into digital. Other functions like OCR are useful sometimes. Storing a backup copy of important document by digitalization is a nice thing too.

Overshooting and Realignment

Sometimes we overshoot. We actually have a tendency to overshoot, or our environment forces us to overshoot.

For example, when you want to buy a lunch to fill your hungry stomach, the restaurants, fast foot shop or whatever will usually offer more than you wanted, but since you have no choice, you will end up buying more than you needed, eating more than you wanted. The side effect is not just about spending more, but you actually waste something, or you ended up with more fat inside your body. All these could be harmful in the long run.

We all want a balanced life. But when you go to work, you will be pushed to spend more time in your work than you might want. Yes, that could bring you more money but that could eventually squeezed all your schedule and you ended up with no time to spend.

When all these become excessive, it's time to realign ourselves. To find out what we really wanted, to make sure that we're doing what we wanted. It's not something that we could never change, but instead, awareness is the key.

Overshooting means that, we are working for others. We are trying to fulfill the goal of other people, more than for ourselves.

So, act now, do realign your life and your priority. Define your goal and act accordingly, the choice is really here, and the decision is yours.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Asus P535 Ring tone tricks

If you put MP3 ring tone in the Mini SD card of a Asus P535, you will know there will be some issues.

When you connect your mobile phone to the PC, it then becomes a card reader. And the Mini SD becomes accessible only through the USB port, but not to the mobile phone itself. That means you cannot see the Mini SD card, you cannot access the file through any installed applications, etc.

Another important implication is that, the MP3 ring tone which is stored in your Mini SD will not be accessible, that means when there is incoming call, the ring tone cannot be used and you will fall back to the default ring tone. That could be confusing enough. You might not even recognized that it is your phone which is ringing! Since the P535 recharges via USB, you will even lost the ring tone during charging! That is troublesome enough if you use your MP3 files for alarm!

To solve the problem, one of the easiest way is to put your MP3 ring tone in your phone instead of to your Mini SD. Of course, it is not a very smart idea since MP3 ring tone could be quite large which wastes valuable memory spaces.

A better way is to set the USB to ActiveSync mode, and your Mini SD will remain accessible by the mobile phone, and thus the ring tone will still be accessible.