Thursday, June 30, 2011

Price of Electronic Products

My DVD writer had failed for over a year but I was not so interested to replace it since we used to use USB drive for file copying, it's just much faster, cheaper and more reliable and higher capacity as well.

Last night my kid wanted to read a CD from her school and so I checked the price of a new DVD writer, and to my big surprise, it's just $143 HKD!

At that price, I wonder why the factory would still produce it... you can always make a mouse which should be way easier, and then the cost is about the same!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Photography in a Crowdy City

Pretty long ago, I found that I love to use those high range zoom camera (my first DC has a zoom range of 10x). I don't really know the answer for that until maybe recently when I bought a fisheye.

In Hong Kong, fisheye lens is intrinsically hard to use. The problem is, it's so crowdy in terms of people, building and whatever, and it makes the composition very complicated if you use a wide lens.

In a highly complex (I mean non-organized) environment, you simply cannot find a view big enough for a fisheye. I guess taking portriat with a large background could be nice, but then the usage is still very limited.

Therefore, I wish that I will be able to get chance to shoot the night sky, and also for the coming trip to another country shortly. I guess I will want to sell it soon afterward.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Recently I bought a 8mm f3.5 Korean fisheye lens. It built like tank and the focuser is extremely smooth like L-class lens. When you stop down to f8, you remove any need of focusing virtually.

One of the usages for fisheye lens is to work as an ultra-wide lens, however, we might want to remove the fisheye effect in certain situation. There is a simple way to do that, for example, in Photoshop, you may use the "transformation" function under the "edit" manual to do it.

This is the original:-

In less than one minute, you can fix the curve and then you may crop the edges:-