Monday, March 28, 2011

Snapshots (長尾縫葉鶯 and butterflies)

Just picked up my Canon 100-400mm to walk around, 地點: 花墟公園

This is a new one in my collection:-

These were really small, but after cropping it could be acceptable:-

Same as the one above, but wide open. It's more colorful inside!

長尾縫葉鶯...taken in the same place last time.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Allusion in Judges 18:20-29

Judges 18:20 Taking away a teraphim
Judges 18:21 Depart with little ones, cattle and carriage before them
Judges 18:22 People chasing them
Judges 18:23 Asking why so many people chasing them
Judges 18:24 Being asked why they steal especially the teraphim
Judges 18:27-28 Kill all the people in a city

Genesis 31:19 Taking away a teraphim
Genesis 31:23 People chasing them
Genesis 31:26-30 Being asked why they steal especially the teraphim
Genesis 31:36-42 Asking why so many people chasing them
Genesis 32:16-22 Depart with little ones, cattle and carriage before them
Genesis 34:1-31 Kill all the people in a city

They were not placed in exact sequence, but a number of essential elements were in common. Certain rare keyword like הַתְּרָפִֽים can be found from both cases as well.

To explain such an allusion, I would say that the two stories at the end of Judges were indeed trying to conclude that Israelites were not doing well after they arrived Canaan. And in order to show that the specific problem of Dan is indeed general to the whole Israelites, the author was trying to allude the bad deeds of Dan back to their very ancestor Jacob. As a result, the specific issue of Dan was shown to be rooted from Jacob, this allusion serves to make specific example to general problem of the whole Israelites.

Taken during the partial solar eclipse

Canon 100-400mm at 400mm wide open, handheld, corped, it's flying very high in the sky.

A small bird taken with an industrial camera

Taken by my Tele Vue Ranger with a DMK 31AF03.

A few shots at the playground - 南昌公園 (鵲鴝, 黑領椋鳥)

Both taken with a Canon 200mm f2.8

鵲鴝 (p. 152)

黑領椋鳥 (p. 201)


對面天台天線上, Canon 200mm f2.8L with Kenko 2x...


今日放 annual leave 響屋企, 女又訓左, 老婆又訓左, 自己一個人睇書睇到悶, 打開窗門睇下, 又見倒有之前未見過既 (should be 白頭鵯, p. 150):-

映左幾十張, 得呢張較為 sharp 少少

今日天陰, 200mm f2.8L + Kenko 2x, 有腳架都無用... crop 完再 resize 少少先可以似少少樣!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Birds from Hong Kong Science Park (小白鷺, 黑領椋鳥)

小白鷺 (p. 41) Canon 200mm f2.8L at prime focus:-

黑領椋鳥 (p. 201), Canon 200mm f2.8L with Kenko 2x:-

Canon 200mm f2.8L with Kenko 2x:-


EV+2 都唔掂, 個天太白, 或者好天映會好 D, 又或者手動... Canon 200mm f2.8L with Kenko 2x:-


我諗其實佢地有人養? 因為都見幾多... 用 C5 at f/6.3, Unistar Lighter mount, 都算好用, 當然無人地 D 貴價千秋架咁好, 但勝在一物二用:-

Testing my Orion 100mm f/9

It's taken with a 900mm lens (telescope)! This is a 100% crop and then resized a little bit to hide the noise.

Jesus Blesses the Children (Mark 10:13-16)

In the Commentary on Mark from Baker, Robert Stein comments in p. 461 that this passage does not fit particularly well for the "house" of 10:10, however, after thinking for some time, I would say that it's could be a good fit.

The disciples were not happy when some people brought children to Jesus. The "house" in Mark is usually a place where Jesus would reveal secret to His disciples. By bringing the children to the "house", that means the people were not just bringing the kids to Jesus, but to join their inner circle, or even to share their secret! This is, of course, not something that the disciples could easily accept and that might explain why the disciples were not happy about that.

落湯雞 (林八哥)

對面樓天台, 舊式工廠, 有 D 地方會落大雨後積水數小時, 亦長有好多花草, 好多 bird bird 會黎玩, 飲水, 甚至沖涼... Canon 200mm f2.8L with Kenko 2x:


花墟公園, Canon 450D + Canon 100-400mm @ 400mm.