Sunday, January 18, 2009

Body check

Body check is something for urban populations.

Urban life is just unhealthy by its nature. We eat unbalanced meals, we stay indoor for most of the time and sitting, we did very little physical exercise unless you are strongly determined to do more.

While we can eat whatever that we wanted, that means nutrition is non-issue except having too much. So, there's nothing that can go wrong if we properly control ourselves.

Therefore, the only conclusion from a body check is to:

1. do more physical exercise consistently and persistently
2. eat less unhealthy food, eat more healthy food
3. or it's already too late! ;-)

So act now!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Social Responsibility

Someone said you (or your company) have to win before you can say anything about social responsibility, and I doubt about this when I first heard about it (and later read about it). Guess what, I saw a real life counter example this morning.

This morning, I saw a beggar searched around inside a rubbish bin, guess what, he found a packet of lemon tea. It's not finished and I guess there's at least 20% content left inside.

Guess what? He didn't drink it.

He used it to extinguish a fire in the rubbish bin caused by careless smokers who left their cigarette there!

This is social responsibility!

You know, none of the people will do this kind of things. But as a beggar, he hesisted nothing and proceeded to find the best way he could do to the small fire!

While you might think it's a small thing, I considered it a big thing! Don't look down on yourself when you have no money, no power. Do look down on yourself if you are just trying to find an excuse to ignore your responsibilities!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Great software

Someone said that a great software is not something which you cannot add any more functionalities to it, but instead, it's something that you cannot really remove anything from it.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" applies.

Life is similar.

When you still want to add something to make it better, it's still not great enough. However, when you find that you cannot really remove anything from your life, that means you're living a very meaningful life! Nothing excessive, nothing that could be really removed.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Models of Employment

I found there are at least two models:

1. Direct Profit Generating

With this model, the employee generates profit for the employer directly. In that case, that means the employer is earning money from the employment relationship, and the salary for the employee is only part of the profit generated.

A simple example will be the dog of the hunter, or a fish-catching bird of the fisherman. In both case, the real profit generating party is the employee.

Of course, sometimes the situation can be a little bit more complex. For example, when the employee cannot generate that much profit by himself alone. The profit generated is a result of economy of scale, or it can only be realized with the whole team. However, the sum of the profit generated by the team should still be bigger than the sum of their salaries added together.

2. Indirect Profit Generating

With this model, the employee does not generate any direct profit. In that case, the employee only helps the employer to do some of their work, and these work were not generating profit but if the employer has to do those work by himself, the employer will not be able to use his time to generate a certain amount of profit. That amount should usually be bigger than that of the salary of the employee.

A simple example will be housemaid, drivers or any other supportive workers.


So if you are in case one, you might be able to get yourself a better position. You should find some places where you can actually do more for yourself instead of for your boss. If you are in case two, I guess you should train yourself up so that you might be able to switch to a better position sooner or later.