Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Top Link Express (匯購八方)

幾年前, 淘寶用得不多, 因為運費很貴, 每件分開來寄, 至少都要 $33 或以上, 還有許多店不發香港... 例如一個手機套, 在淘寶便宜很多, 但加上運費, 立即就貴過在香港買... 此外, 直運到家並不方便, 因為家裡總不是常常有人, 另外寄到往宅區還有附加費

後來有了淘寶官方集運, 可以把不同的貨品集合起來, 一次過寄來香港, 大批東西都是幾十元運費就可以了, 輕便的, 可以便利店取貨, 輕重的, 可以到自提點, 家裡不用有人等收貨

早幾天開始試用非官方集運, 價錢更便宜, 而且倘若是買一件貨品, 首重還差不多減半呢! 此外, 就算是比較大的物件, 也可以寄到街坊小店, 所以提貨的地點也方便了, 不必都到指定的自提點, 而且辦公時間亦較長呢!

Added on 30/June:

某次我在同一間商鋪買了兩件東西, 誰一知店主分開兩次來寄出! 我記得有次用官方集運, 結果其中一件收不到, 因為選轉運時只看見一個訂單!

但用非官方集運就簡單了, 因為凡收貨地址有你的會員編號, 那些貨物都會出現在轉運單上! 這對於重新發貨也很有用呢!

Asus al31-1005 battery pack disassembly

It was not doing good after several years, and I've ordered replacement battery pack which will support my 1005HA for 5-8 hours.  Today, I took the plunge to disassemble it to get the 18650 inside for other purpose.

At the very beginning, I actually wanted to do it cleanly, for example, to even replace the 18650 with some new batteries but then the case was too thin and fragile.  Only three cells were inside.

They were from LG with 2200mmAh... not bad. Below is the circuit board for charging, etc.

I found a device which I suspected it to be a temperature sensor, to avoid overheating.

Most of the battery pack was indeed empty space.