Friday, October 23, 2009

LED Light Bulb (E27)

I got two of them from ebay recently at around $30 HKD each, the price is nice and the brightness is acceptable for soft illumination, the problem is that the light is closer to blue than white. The standard E27 interface worked out great.

Again, if you want them for soft illumination, the blue color is going to work.

I would say that cheap LED illumination technology is not yet ready. I wonder why, because it works pretty good for flashlight, and in that case, they're bright and truely energy saving.

I shall wait for another six months and longer to buy another small batch.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Refilling ink

Just successfully refilled the ink cartridge of my printer, the cost different is a kind of crazy, more than 60:1!!!

The ink was purchased online from DealExtreme, now one of my favorite shopping place, and I will always check the price there before heading outside, it's usually cheaper and better yet, it features site-wide free shipping.

There is no trick in re-filling ink, and the instruction inside the package is more than enough. I failed for the first time simply because that ink cartridge was broken originally, the print head was leaking, maybe it's too old or maybe I've handled it improperly before.

I've ordered a re-fill set for the color one as well, will do it later, but it seems the method is a bit different.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The old fashion way about downloading

Last night a friend of mine asked me to have a look on their internet connection, I did a ping and it works, and apparently, it was the browser which failed. Therefore, I proceeded to try Firefox, however, it was broken as well. So, how can I download another browser for them?

Yes, the answer is the old fashion ftp which is available even for command line!

Among all the browsers which I tried, only Firefox and also Mozilla still got ftp site which easy-to-guess name, i.e.

On (cleanly) removing the old Firefox and reinstall the new one which I just fetched from the ftp, it does not work still. So, I tried to install mozilla, and it works!

Afterward, I have also downloaded the google browser for them, just as a backup. But then it requires another browser first and in that case, it's mozilla.

As a summary, old fashion technology still has its place, especially when the new fancy stuff failed badly.