Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Broadband via Mobile Phone Network

A few months ago, I found that my Internet connection failed. After many different investigation, it was found that the cable was broken by the renovation work down stair. After millions of negotiation, the broadband provider agreed to lay the cable for me again but we had a very hard time to do that on the original trunking. After that, my internet connection becomes very unstable all the time.

Finally, I decided to switch to a wireless based solution. It provides broadband services via 3G mobile phone network, and it also provides conventional home telephone service as well. What they provided is a wireless gateway, which sits in the middle of the 3G network, and on the other hand, to provide internet services via LAN or Wi Fi.

The good thing about this technology is that, you don't have to lay any cable. There're virtually "nothing" to fix in case of network failure, except that small wireless gateway. The speed of the internet might vary over the day, it could go really fast like my last ISP (based on Cable TV network), or quite slow... but it's still fast enough for youtube, etc.

For me, stability is more important than speed. And I found it hard when the network had problem, you have to stay at home, to wait for the technician to come and fix the whole thing for you, and that requires a lot of waiting and negotiation. Troublesome enough for me.

I guess that I will stay with this kind of service. And another good thing about this service is that, you can move your house without re-apply another service. Mobile phone network can reach any places virtually these days, so it sets the internet and your home phone free.