Monday, June 22, 2009

Switching users in Windows XP

I am never an expert or even a power user for Windows, but here's a handy tips which might be useful to others and myself (in the future). The situation is like this, when we found that we cannot switch between users, check this:


And find out fast switching service, turn it on, and better yet, also make it start automatically so that it will work afterward, quick and simple.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Semantic shift in the macro world

This is a corner of my mobile phone screen. It's a white closing bracket ")" but in the macro world, it changes to something like a mouth shape in rainbow colors. The meaning of things could have dramatic shift in different point of view, and even different level of scale!

Life could be similar. Within yourself, there could be some meaning, within your family, you have another role, and in your society, your country, you got entirely different position, in the cosmic scale, we might lost our entire meaning as a human being who occupies negligible space over a blink of time.

Inside a SD card

I've a faulty SD card, so why not pull it open to have a look?

I guess the smaller chip is a controller and the bigger chip contains the memory cell.

Too many solid state memory?

I counted today, and I have the following:

1. 1 piece of 1G and 1 piece of 4G MiniSD inside my mobile phone

2. 2 pieces of 2G SD for my DC

3. 1 piece of 8G SD for my DSLR

4. 1 piece of 512M SD for my DSLR, but now only used for photo-development outside, another piece of 512M SD died

5. 2G thumbdrive

And inside my new PC, I have 4G memory but then only 3G is useable by Windows XP, and fortunately, I'm also a Linux user :-)

Over 20G!

Monday, June 15, 2009

好! 但不要叫我來做...




1. 捐錢幫助窮人實在是一件好事,但請不要叫我每月都捐出我收入的一個部份,別人要是這樣做我會很讚賞,但我就不會了

2. 捨身救人的好人:某某警察或消防員很偉大,但我的兒子最好不要當那些職業,要當也要以自己安全為首要啊!

3. 接納精神病人仕:那當然是一件好事,但請不要叫我參與

似乎這個 NIMBY 現像就是人自私的具體表現吧!但請不要怪別人,因為只要我們回頭想想,其實我們也是一樣的!

Monday, June 8, 2009

My arm in infrared

I bought a 6mm f/1.2 Cosmicar TV lens for night sky monitoring sometimes ago, and it comes with a BW infrared pass filter. Today, I pulled it out to see what it will show. This is a shot of my arm:

My blood vessels are very much visible, but it's just very subtle to my eyes. I don't know the exact bandpass of that filter.

Friday, June 5, 2009

香港議會的 "出氣" 文化

有人話香港議會好唔 productive, 鍾意搞對抗...

我覺得原因好簡單,皆因民選議員在議會只有 "發聲" 的權利,但因為人數不足,卻沒有足夠的影響力!在不能求實際的時候,就只能 "發聲",並替選民 "出一口氣"

所以呢類能夠幫市民 "出氣" 既議員有相當市場... 你話佢粗口咩? 呢個正係佢可以幫人 "出氣" 既賣點........

如果他朝有日有全數直選, 相信呢種文化會慢慢消失?



我很久沒有運動, 昨天晚上回家的時候, 剛好碰到鄰居, 見他滿身是汗又面紅紅的, 就問他是否跑步回來, 他回答是, 我又問他到哪兒跑...

就是這樣, 今天晚上我就等女兒們睡了, 我就出去跑一會。這公園很開揚, 就是晚上十時多也有不少人在跑步和散步, 治安應該沒有問題的。


聽說那裡一圈有近 800 米左右,中間全是草地,兩旁種滿了樹,公園中央頗開揚,天朗氣清時可以看到不少星星(以香港的尺度來說),晚飯後散步也可不錯。

再後記:我在 Google Earth 那裡量二次,應該只有 550 米左右。