Friday, November 25, 2016

Keeping food for camping

To keep food fresh is an issue for camping.  Vegetables are easier for one or two days, but meat could be hard since you can hardly have a refrigerator outside.  Some people will bring a large ice box, but this is not often an option for someone without a car.  And it makes no sense to bring a large ice box if you're going alone.

So I bought the following for this purpose.  I boiled some soup yesterday and I couldn't finish it at once, so I put them into the bottle for later consumption.  The weather is not cold and I expect it could keep the content hot for a few hours.

After two hours or so, I could the cap was pretty warm.  I believe the cap is the weakest link.

I will try it out soon by first freezing some meat, and then keep inside, see if it could keep them until the next morning.  Consuming it at the same night is problem free, you don't even need such a bottle, but I usually have can food before buying this one.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Toaks Titanium Cookset plus a small gas stove

This is an ultra-light setup, big enough for personal use and marginal for two persons.  I bought it for hiking + camping trip.  While I've no time to go camping immediately, so I tested it at home with my BRS-8b.

The cover could be used as a frying pan, and it fits nicely together, that handle is really nice too.  The first exercise is to reheat the soup from the refrigerator and it works flawlessly.

To complete this ultra-light setup, I've also bought a small gas stove with a tripod shape converter, you could see how compact and light weight it is.

 Finally, I bought some more titanium stuff so as to complete my ultra-light collection.

So right now I've a pair of chopsticks, a fork/spoon, a cup and also a 800mm water bottle.  Enough for the moment.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Solo Hiking: Dragon's Back

Actually, I did it before, but this time is longer and more complete.

I did wear a heart beat monitor to alert myself, there are so many people along the way perhaps this path is so famous.

Taking bus 9 from Shau Kei Wan MTR station, all the way to 土地灣 (also indicated as Dragon's Back), the entrance of the hiking trail is in view after dropping off.

The view could be really nice when weather permits.

I brought along my ukulele...

I should do more hiking myself and I wish to have my first solo camping soon!