Thursday, November 28, 2013

Universal mobile battery charger

This is an universal mobile battery charger from dealextreme.  It supports nearly all sorts of mobile battery given it's adjustable charging pin.  The charger is smart enough to detect the poles of the battery, and a small clip was used to fix the battery in place, so you can put battery of any size there virtually.

This charger is special that it also support charging of 18650 (or any other smaller Lithium ion battery).  A switch is available to select whether you're charging a mobile battery or a 18650.  There is also one more position to allow you to charge your mobile battery via the 18650 installed along side!  Therefore, this could be serving as a portable charger as well.

Given it's versatility, a USB charger port is also available on the side, to allow charging of any devices via USB port. 

Amplifier noise of Vox Mini 3

No noise when running on battery, but it's not the case when used with a transformer.

So the noise must be coming from the electrical source, therefore, a simple cable was made:

One end should be inserted between the guitar/ukulele while the other end should be placed on the ground, or better yet, step on it.

No more noise.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jesus and Jonah

I was reading in Greek for my quiet time.  At least it makes me slow down, and then I found a strong similarity in the plot of two stories:

1. a man goes onto the boat and then fall into sleep deeply
2. an unusual storm comes, so that even experienced in sailing was shocked
3. the man was waken up, and was blamed about his indifference
4. the storm was claimed down, and people feared God afterward

Jesus and Jonah.

Is it allusion or typology?  Worth further studying...

Sunday, October 20, 2013

王靖雯/王菲: 尾班車 chord

(C) 溫馨的一 (G) 串光陰 (F) 已散失 (Am) 了像塵
(C) 零碎雨 (G) 殘影燈 內 (F) 心傷得更 (G) 深
(F) 過去你說要愛 (G) 我一生 

(C) 你說過懶 (C7) 再找尋
(F) 你說你 (Dm) 彷彿因我 (G) 生
(F) 這晚我已看透 (G) 你的心 
(C) 你慣了愛 (C7) 上他人
(F) 迷上別人忘 (Em) 記別人 
然 (G) 後像 (F) 沒有 (G) 發生

坐上 (Am) 尾班車 (C7)內
(Dm) 再見了 你不需意外 
(F) 再見這愛 (G) 海
坐上 (Am) 尾班車 (C7) 內 
(Dm) 黎明前 隨 (Em) 一串無奈
讓 (Dm) 漆黑 (F) 掩蓋 
(G) 再不去 (C) 愛

(F) 再見過去再見 (G) 你聲音 
(C) 遠去了僕 (C7) 僕風塵
(F) 沉痛獨行 乘 (Em) 雨夜行 
門 (G) 外淚 (F) 沒法 (G) 強忍

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

林子祥: 海誓山盟 chord


(C) 心又 (G) 再飄  就似就要 
(Am) 撲進這 (Fm) 海中 跟 (C) 它呼叫
(Am) 因從前話 (Fm) 過 
誓盟 (Am) 是如何重 (F)       
(Dm) 今天的掙扎知 (G) 多少

(C) 再見的 (G) 歡笑 沒法望到 
(Am) 仍然如 (Fm) 追憶般 (C) 縹緲
到處 (Em) 人群在 (Fm) 笑 
(C) 說情早 (F) 逝了
(Am) 歡欣結 (F) 局少中 (G) 更少

(C) 止境的等 不禁 (G) 心動搖 
(Am) 一分一刻也感 (G) 到寂寥
(F) 卻總想到 (C) 唯有你   
叫這 (Dm) 一生再沒 (G) 缺少
(C) 必需飽經 心意 (G) 的動搖 
(Am) 再去發覺愛中 (C7) 的奧妙
(F) 縱使天意 (C) 難看透
我都 (F) 敢於盼望 (G) 
甘於接受 每一 (C)

我的 (F) 癡心卻未 (G) 退燒 
我的 (F) 癡心卻像 (G) 星火永未退燒


Think of this song early this morning, did it rather quickly, may not be very accurate, please comment and suggest enhancements.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

王菲: 遊戲的終點 chord

遊戲的終點 (王菲) - Chord

(D) 遙遠的春 (A) 天 彷彿永 (Bm)  沒變    
(D) 年少的天 (A) 空 痛快的 (Bm) 雨點 
(G) 曾撲捉跟 (D) 躲藏 走過 (G) 一段          
(D) 愉快歡呼 (A) 聲 響起千遍 (Bm) 萬遍 
(D) 遊戲的終 (A) 點 不可以 (Bm) 避免      
(D) 人各走一 (A) 方 回頭再 (Bm) 懷念
(G) 才歎息心 (D) 裡人 不再 (G) 出現          
(D) 而世間風 (A) 波 衹管一變 (Bm) 又變

(G) 多麼的想飛奔 (D) 到你面前         
(G) 一起手牽手躲於 (D) 你我樂園 
(F#) 身邊紛擾追趕 假 (Bm) 裝不見   
(G) 可惜此刻得我 (D) 對夜眠
(G) 始終找不到一絲 (D) 你的溫暖      
(F#) 一天一天的苦等 總 (Bm) 等不見
試問要等 (G) 到那時 才可相 (D)

(D) 誰要怎麼 (A) 走 怎可以 (Bm) 預見  
(D) 人世的痴 (A) 愛 原來更 (Bm) 凌亂 
(G) 能抱緊的 (D) 不過 一個 (G) 心願  
(D) 時間一天 (A) 天 衹管飄向 (Bm) 極遠

Zopo 958

My Samsung i8150 suffered a rather premature death after around 1 year of usage.  Within that year, I bought four batteries for it.  It is not exactly dead but it keeps on rebooting itself randomly, in the worse case, you just even cannot use it.  Battery drains very quickly while self-rebooting.

While we have cases about electric shock with iphone, we have explosion with Samsung devices, and thus I took the plunge to buy a Chinese brand mobile phone.  After some initial feedback from real users, I have decided to give Zopo a chance.

I love to play Ukulele and so the ability to see music scores would be a huge plus to me, so I aim myself at those big models at 5.7" IPS screen, and so 950, 950H and 958 were my targets.  950 was a bit old, 950H and 958 differs by only one or two hundreds, so I get the one with highest specifications.  I won't repeat all the specifications here since they could be fetched from the web very easily, here I give some general impression after one week of very active usage.

Two original batteries were included in the package.  The manufacturer rated capacity is not very meaningful, and I was a pretty active user, and the battery can last for a whole day given I turned off 3G data when I sleep.  For the rest of time, either Wifi or 3G were used actively.  Charging the battery is like 4-5 hours from my impression, either the charger and the battery is not hot during the process.  Given its huge screen, it's very good indeed. 

The screen is very good, but it could be a bit finer.  It serves the purpose of showing music scores very well.  However, the scrolling action is a bit too sensitive, sometimes when I wanted to scroll, it would yield a "select" action instead.  But with some more training and adaptation, this could be reduced to a good level.

In order to use it with Windows 8, you have to search in the web for PdaNetA4126, you will then have the necessary driver installed.

Changjei is missing from this machine but you have to install "Go" for that, but Chinese punctuation is not well supported, the character sequence is not very nice as well.  Some frequent wordings were not placed in the first few locations.

One hand operation is possible in most cases given by small hand despite the 5.7" screen.

If this phone could survive one year of active usage, I would think it justifies.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


好立克 + 柯華田,不像咖啡加奶茶,絕對適合小朋友。個人認為 1/3 柯華田 + 2/3 好立克就最好喇!

Thursday, May 2, 2013




Hello, Duckling!

I couldn't remember since when we no longer bath together?
Tell you, I've grown up and now I couldn't fit in that little basin we once shared!
But I never imagine that you have grown up, too! And you're now even bigger than me!
Remember that little basin that we shared, and also the happy moments. You taught me not to fear the water, and even enjoy being there!
Now, I really want to ask you, how does it feel to swim in the Victoria Harbour?
But please pardon me, I feel a bit fear to swim to you now!
Pardon me that I couldn't talk to you up close as we once did!
But please give me a little bit more time, and I promise that I will be brave again as you once taught me!
I am dreaming that one day, I shall swim with you in this huge basin! And even to the sea and the ocean!
By then, we shall be as free as before, share our joy as before, and never leave one another!
I love you my duckling, my best friend ever!

Monday, March 11, 2013

李克勤: 不必對我好 chord

近日開始試配 chord, 我根本不懂音樂, 只有一對頗差的耳朶, 和不死的興趣, 網上有許多結他 chord 網站, 但有些歌總是找不到, 所以從今天起, 我會努力配一些自己喜歡的歌, 質素應該很爛, 但自娛以外, 也希望大家同得著, 這算是第一炮:


不必對我好 (李克勤)

不敢聽 (D) 你聲音 不想跟 (F#m) 你一起
不懂得 (Bm) 你心理 不 (A) 捨得你那 (G) 份嫵媚
尤其 (F#m) 在寂寞一 (A) 刻嘆氣       
尤其 (F#m) 在熱鬧一 (Bm) 刻想你
尤其 (F#m) 是早知縱 (Em) 使找到你   
 (G) 只可開心的看 (A)

* 不想得 (D) 到一刻 失去一 (F#m) 個知己
不想知 (Bm) 道真相 (F#m) 逼不得已後 (G) 會無期
為何 (Bm) 寂寞夜總 (F#m) 想到我     
然後 (Bm) 浪漫夜給 (F#m) 他親你
然後 (Bm) 技巧的似 (F#m) 即又若離  
如像 (Em) 怕我對你心 (A) *

# 求你再不要 (D) 狠心將我醉倒    
(F#m) 請不必對我好 (Bm) 請不必吞吞 (G) 吐吐
求你再不要 (Bm) 施展親切態度     
(G) 捨不得我卻步 (A) 巴不得我寄望更 (A)
誰說過戀愛 (D) 不可得到更好 (F#m) 請不必對我好  
(Bm) 請不必再刺一 (F#m)
如你有苦惱 (Em) 跟他傾訴  
(A) 不必給我知 (D) #

Thursday, January 24, 2013


雖然它一動沒動, 但它卻還忠實地記錄著某個時間, 每天到了某個時刻, 它仍能準確地顯示那時間, 就在那一瞬間, 它的生命就好像突然回來了, 但就只有一秒鐘

對於這屬於它的那一秒, 它比世上一切會跑的鐘還要準確, 因為是時間追著它, 而不是它追著時間

就是它那等待, 它忠心的守候, 所以它可以絲毫不差地, 完美地捉緊那一殺

雖然只是一秒鐘, 但這卻是完完全全屬於它的一秒

時間不會停留, 但我卻可以