Sunday, April 25, 2010

Love and Imperfection

I love my wife since she's imperfect, otherwise, she does not need my love.


I believe spouses are complimentary, we are made to help each others. We are all imperfect, and we shall love the good and the bad of our spouse. An immediately implication is that, I should love the imperfection of our spouse. And to go a step further, the imperfection is also why we would love our spouse.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Function of CPL filter

Picture of my new CPL filter from DealExtreme, it's 58mm threaded, so it can fit my kit lens and also my 100mm f2.0, some people might think that the kit has a rotating front element so that a CPL filter could be hard to use, however, I found that this filter is nicely designed. As you can see from the picture, the threaded part and the filter part can be rotated, and therefore, after auto-focusing, you can adjust the CPL.

Two pictures said it all, first picture without CPL, you can see the contrast suffered a lot by the reflection:-

And then I installed the CPL, autofocused, and then adjusted the CPL angle to minimize the reflection, here we go:

Sounds a great little filter to bring around, computer processing cannot replace its function.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Backup strategy

Optical media might not be as reliable as we thought, conventional hard drive seems the best.

With the growing data size from digital camera, video recording and digital music, we are facing tremendeous need on storage. Upgrading hard drive could solve the problem of storage, but how to solve the problem on backup?

Buying a big external storage could be a proper backup solution, but just like the problem of storage, the problem of backup is just growing as quickly. Right now my strategy is to use older hard drive as backup, what I'm doing is that:

1. Clean up older hard driver, so that no more software would be there, the space would be used solely for data

2. Copy all the data there, e.g: photograph, music, video, etc.

3. Disconnect all the power and cables, this could elongate their life

And afterward, we will need to update the data periodically so that the backup is closer than the real data.

This will work, for example in my case, my last hard drive is a 170G one and the new one is 350G. Give the existing one is about to fill up (only around 30-40G of free space), I will go for a bigger one.

But then the older two will be enough just for backup purpose. The chain goes on, and only the biggest two would be required for backup, and the smallest ones could be thrown away, or for backup even more important data which does not require any further updates.