Sunday, March 23, 2014

The "Samsung T118" Tablet

It's being marketed in taobao or some other online shops, the price is exceptionally low for a tablet with its advertising specifications.  It's just too good to be true, and thus, it's not real indeed.

To highlight a few:

1. It's not really from Samsung

2. The LCD has low contrast which could be frustrating when compared with modern LCD.  The viewing angle could be rather limited.  The color depth and dynamic range is rather poor.

3. The CPU is not quad-core as advertised, it's dual core only.

4. The CPU is not as fast as advertised, good only for simple applications, could be a bit slow by modern standard.

Here is a snapshot of the benchmark result:

Having said that, it's a very good deal as long as you could live with the above.  The bottom line is, you got more than what you actually paid for.


On 淘寶, 電子產品, 順豐, 香港

On the contrary of what you can see from the Internet, the above combination is possible provided that the seller declares at the custom properly.  It just add complications which common vendors are not willing to spend the extra-effort.

即係話, 順豐可以發電子產品嚟香港, 只係個發件人要報關, 仲要去特定地點寄件