Saturday, July 23, 2016

Replacing the fan of Asus Eee 1005HA

I guess not many people were interested in this thing, it's an aged net book running Windows XP. I had replaced its hard disk a few years ago, and also its keyboard, the battery pack was replaced, too. In case you're still interested, here we go.

First of all, get a new fan from taobao at 15 RMB, it contains the heat sink for the CPU and chipset:

Taking away the keyboard is relatively easy, and you can see the fan now, but then it could not be replaced yet since the CPU and chipset is on the other side, unluckily.

So you have to remove this board from the case...


You finally see the whole fan/heat sink assembly:


Take away and replace, done!

Finally, a video to tell you how to disassemble completely: youtube

Replacing zenfone 5 screen

This is the first time I do it, and it's very encouraging and fruitful.

New screen ordered from taobao on the right, actually, we could order a plain screen which is even cheaper, but then you have to remove the glue on screen by yourself using a hair dryer.  The above contains also the plastic case and it saves some effort.

Fully removed, it contains the battery, which also holds the SIM cards slot.  Notice that you should also remove the proximity sensors, the ear piece and the three buttons on the side in case the new screen module does not contain.

It's not very hard after all.   Here is a youtube clip showing how to do the disassembly: