Thursday, November 28, 2013

Universal mobile battery charger

This is an universal mobile battery charger from dealextreme.  It supports nearly all sorts of mobile battery given it's adjustable charging pin.  The charger is smart enough to detect the poles of the battery, and a small clip was used to fix the battery in place, so you can put battery of any size there virtually.

This charger is special that it also support charging of 18650 (or any other smaller Lithium ion battery).  A switch is available to select whether you're charging a mobile battery or a 18650.  There is also one more position to allow you to charge your mobile battery via the 18650 installed along side!  Therefore, this could be serving as a portable charger as well.

Given it's versatility, a USB charger port is also available on the side, to allow charging of any devices via USB port. 

Amplifier noise of Vox Mini 3

No noise when running on battery, but it's not the case when used with a transformer.

So the noise must be coming from the electrical source, therefore, a simple cable was made:

One end should be inserted between the guitar/ukulele while the other end should be placed on the ground, or better yet, step on it.

No more noise.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jesus and Jonah

I was reading in Greek for my quiet time.  At least it makes me slow down, and then I found a strong similarity in the plot of two stories:

1. a man goes onto the boat and then fall into sleep deeply
2. an unusual storm comes, so that even experienced in sailing was shocked
3. the man was waken up, and was blamed about his difference
4. the storm was claimed down, and people feared God afterward

Jesus and Jonah.

Is it allusion or typology?  Worth further studying...